Machine of Lumm the Mad

Assault on the finger

November 13, 2010

We finally made it to the “finger” tower. Our first attempts to arrive on the top were unsuccessful. Through summoning good critters and magical fly we made it to the top of the finger tower. We are here to find the key to the Obsidian vault to retrieve an amulet with the soul of a major demon trapped inside. On the top of the finger town were many evil troops lead by a mage and Sir Lucas’s former master. Our plan was simple use Cyrus’s ability to summon evil to fight evil. Alas apparently on this plane one cannot summon evil creatures. Cyrus had to rely on summoning good and neutral creatures to defeat the army.

We then had to take on the Mage and Sir Lucas’s former Master with a squad of their best fighters. Sir Lucas charged headlong into the squad of fighters attempting to kill his former Master. Aiden started his long journey hiding in shadow to back stab the leaders. Asema used lighting to injure our attackers and her Tiger furiously attacked the elite fighters. Bergtatt made sure that Sir Lucas’s stayed alive. Cyrus failed in a few spell attempts and then summoned some grappling creatures to grapple the Mage.

Sir Lucas took the full brunt of his former Masters rage, robbing him of his hard won experience. Then with no warning Sir Lucas’s former Master ported away. Then the Summoned grappler grappled the Mage and Aiden stabbed the hell out of the Mage killing her. As the Elite fighters saw the demise of their leader they surrendered.

After the battle the prisoners were put in the elevator and stuck half way down the finger tower. We then searched the entire camp for the key. It was not found. Aiden and Cyrus started searching the gatehouse…

November 21st

Aiden and Cyrus found themselves transported back over 8000 years to the Finger tower of the past. Here Dwarves have been protecting the spirit of the demon for as long as they can remember. This clan of Dwarves seem to have spawned Bergtatt’s clan.
The rest of the party rested a day and then followed the path of their missing party members. They too were transported back. The party spoke to the King and he told the party that the key was below in the catacombs of the finger tower. Then the tower was suddenly attacked by Demons. The party leapt to the defense of the clan. They were confronted by a serious demonic threat that tried the resources of the party, but the party was successful. The party then explored their surroundings finding 2 succubi enslaving a group of dwarves. At Bergtatt’s instance the Dwarves were not harmed. Cyrus fog clouded and webbed they area the succubi were in. Alas they used fiendish teleport to escape and attack Sir Lucas. Their attacks against Sir Lucas failed; he killed one and then nearly killed the other. Cyrus then convinced the surviving succubi to surrender and tell the party how the demons were transported there and where they were located. Bergtatt broke the enchantment of the Dwarves and they were grateful.

The party then steeled themselves for the battle to come. They then went to the location the Succubus told them and sure enough this was where the demons were coming from. This epic battle nearly destroyed the party. Sir Lucas was nearly killed many times but Bergtatt brought him back from the brink again and again. Aiden, Asema and Cyrus’s summoned creatures battled the fiends. Then there was only the major evil left and with a mighty blow Sir Lucas smite him. The party then destroyed the gate.



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