Machine of Lumm the Mad

Chapter 2 Synopsis

We stole your boat!

After adventuring in Freeport, one of the party members receives a message that his brother has gone missing, so our party travels back to his homeland in an attempt to find him. After some raids by a few drow the party tracks down the missing brother, along with a final confrontation with a previous enemy from the encounter on the orc pirate ship in Freeport.

After the loss of a party member and a harrowing escape back to the dwarven colony the party finds that the colony has been attacked by a hobgoblin army in order to steal a dwarven holy item that was stored on site. Also our dwarven cleric finds out that his father died during the attack and that he is now Clan leader. So our party leaves in an attempt to track down the hobgoblins and bring them to justice.



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