Machine of Lumm the Mad

Chapter 3 Synopsis

We're not the hobgoblins you're looking for.

While hot on the trail of the hobgoblins our party encounters a mysterious stranger who calls himself a member of a group called “The Seven”. Following a devastating magical spell he delivers a threatening message for our party to cease and desist with their current adventure path, and then promptly disappears.

The trail of the hobgoblins leads to a town called Drellin’s Ferry, in which our heroes learn of reoccurring hobgoblin raids with an ever increasing frequency. The town elders plead their case and convince the party to seek the source of these raids. Our adventurers start their search by enlisting the aid of a local woodsman by the name of Jorr. With his help they get directions to a possible hideout for the bandits within what is known as Vraath Keep.



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