Machine of Lumm the Mad

The Meeting of Cyrus

Cyrus was in town tracking down the last of the names he had that caused the conflagration at the castle he was found. Cyrus followed this wretch into an alley where he was meeting someone, perhaps a cohort of his. Cyrus warned the cohort that he should move away from the wretch. The cohort then pulled out a crossbow and threatened Cyrus. At this point three others showed up in the dead end alley. A dwarf, a Half Drow, and a furry female humanoid. Once Cyrus saw this, he Fire bust the wretch burring him to a cinder. The cohort/thief shot his crossbow hitting Cyrus in the leg. The Dwarf starts to talk to try to calm the situation, the furry female gets mad and changes, advancing on Cyrus. Cyrus cast an empowered Firebust, nearly killing the furry female. After this, cooler heads prevailed and the interlopers started talking to Cyrus, eventually convincing him to aid in their quest.



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