Aiden Snow

Wood Elf Rogue


Aiden never knew his mother and father. Found as a babe in the woods by Jenovah Snow, he was raised as Jenovah’s son. Jenovah was a Bard of great renown, a Master Thief, and a practitioner of the art of Shadowdance. At one time, Jenovah was the head of a thieves guild.

Jenovah sent Aiden to the finest schools. Jenovah also made sure that Aiden studied with the elven clerics at the Temple of Corellon Larethian. Throught his youth, Aiden traveled the realm with Jenovah. Learning about history, art, culture and life on the road. Jenovah also taught Aiden the was of the thief and put him on the path to becoming a Shadowdancer.

Desipite his tireless efforst, Jenovah never was able to find out what happend to Aiden’s parents. The only clue found with the babe was a silver pendant. It seems to be a family crest, but Jenovah has never run across any information on the crest in all his travels.

To this day, Aiden wears the pendant and searches for any information about the pendant or his parents as he travels the world.

Aiden Snow

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