Asena Lupus Amicus

Shifter Druid




Physical Description and General Info

Size: Medium
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 132
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Green
Skin: Tan with patches of soft brown fur
Alignment: NG
Deity: Ehlonna
HP: 45
Speed: 30
DR: 1/- 10x/Day
AC: 19
Fort: +8
Ref: +3
Will: +9
Base Attack: +4

Racial Abilities

  • Humanoid (shapechanger)
  • Medium size
  • 30’ movement
  • Low-Light Vision
  • +2 Racial bonus on Balance, Climb, and Jump checks.
  • Automatic Languages: Common
  • Bonus Languages: Elven, Gnome, Halfling & Sylvan
  • Favored Class: Ranger
  • Shifting (Su) – As a Free Action, the Shifter becomes animal-like for (3 + Constitution modifier + 1 per Shifter feat) rounds.
    • Usable 1 + (Shifter feats/2) times per day. Choose one Shifter trait:
    • Beasthide – +2 Constitution & +2 Natural Armor (blunt and rude; speaks loudly and interrupts others) **Longtooth – Bite 1d6 (+1/4 LvLs) & -1 CON dmg

(Shifter) Feats

  • Shifter Ferocity – While shifting, continue to fight without penalty when disabled or dying.
  • Shifter Instincts – +1 to Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, & +2 to Initiative
  • Extra Shifter Trait: Longtooth – bite attack
  • Longtooth Elite: Living Creatures that take dmg from bite, also take -1 CON dmg.
  • Extra Shifter Trait: Dreamsight – commune w/Animals

Class Abilities

  • Animal Companion
  • Nature Sense
  • Wild Empathy (Lvl + Cha)
  • Woodland Stride: (undergrowth terrain)
  • Trackless Step (natural)
  • Resist Nature’s Lure: +4 agnst fey spells, etc.
  • Wild Shape: 2/Day Chg into Sm/Med animal (see:polymorph)
    • Lasts 1 hour/LvL
    • To chg is Stnd Act (no opp atk)
    • Form’s HD =< LvL
    • Regain HP on Chg
    • Get STR/DEX/CON & Atks from animal form


FLAW: Shakey: -2 Rng Atk
FLAW: Inattentive: -4 Spot, -4 Listen

Ranked Skills

Concentration +7
Diplomacy +1
Handle Animal +9
Wild Empathy +11
Heal +6
Knowledge Nature +9
Move Silently +5
Spot +4
Survival +11
Survival Above Ground +15


0 – Cure Minor
0 – Detect Magic
0 – Flare (-1 Atk Penalty Creature)
0 – Light
0 – Read Magic
0 – Resistance
1 – Cure Light
1 – Entangle
1 – Extend Shifting (+4 rounds)
1 – Shifter Prowess (shift bonuses: +8)
1 – Aura Against Flame
1 – Babau Slime (Acid dmgs attackers)
1 – Foundation of Stone
1 – Healthful Rest
1 – Ram’s Might
1 – Sandblast
1 – Thunderhead
1 – Updraft
1 – Lesser Vigor (1 HP/Rnd for 15 Rnds)
2 – Bear’s Endurance
2 – Barkskin
2 – Bull’s Strength
2 – Cat’s Grace
3 – Call Lightning (3d6/bolt)
3 – Contagion
3 – Cure Mod
3 – Daylight
3 – Diminish Plts
3 – Dominate Animal
3 – Magic Fang +1
3 – Meld into Stone
3 – Neutralize Poison
3 – Plant Growth
3 – Poison 1d10 Con/min
3 – Protection from Energy 12 pts/LvL
3 – Quench (fire or 1 magic item)

Inventory / Gear

  • Backpack
  • Bedroll
  • Whetstone
  • Torches (2)
  • Rope, Hemp
  • Oil (2 Flasks)
  • Flint & Steel
  • Waterskin
  • Rations/Day (4 Days)
  • Iron Pot
  • Goodberries: 7
  • Pearl of Power (1) – 1/Day regain a LvL 1 spell already cast
  • Armor: Dragon Hide Plate of Nimbleness
  • Protective Item: Iron Ward Diamond, Least
  • Weapon: 1 Keen Scimitar ( CEA, lesser – Fire)
  • Sling, Sickle, Club
  • PP: 0
  • GP: 7,557
  • SP: 8
  • CP: 6


“Shifters are descendants of humans and natural lycanthropes. They are lithe, agile folk who look basically human, but with long, shaggy hair, sideburns (in both sexes), pointed ears, large eyes, heavy eyebrows, and wide, flat noses. Their forearms and lower legs are densely muscled, and they grow hair so thick that it is sometimes mistaken for fur. Shifters frequently adopt a hunched posture, preferring to crouch or perch on a tree limb, ledge, or piece of furniture rather than standing or sitting.

Sometimes called “the weretouched,” shifters inherit from their lycanthrope ancestors a limited ability to transform into a semi-bestial state. Shifting is a natural ability rather than a curse or a disease, and it cannot be cured or otherwise removed. Neither can it be passed to a non-shifter through biting, claw attacks, or any other method.”

Player’s Guide to Eberron

From the great lands of Khorvaire Asena Lupin traveled to a new land to seek refuge from the hatred for her race and her ancestry. Asena was no friend of lycanthropes, but could not help that her lineage included them. Khorvaire became overrun with shifter-haters and it was a group of these that mercilessly murdered her dear parents and elder sister. Asena would have been killed that day too had she not gone off into the woods to commune with the nature and wildlife there, as she often did. She arrived at the ruins of her burnt down home just as the last embers were going out. She found peace within herself to not seek out those who destroyed the only life she knew, but to keep that peace, she knew she would have to leave those lands and seek a new life in a new world.

Asena was able to make her way to the great woodlands and survive on her own there for some time. She taught herself many things and grew stronger there. She booked passage to [insert name here] lands and was able to keep herself surprisingly inconspicuous for the length of the journey. There were many half-orcs also on the vessel which may have made it a bit easier for her. This new land knew little of shifters which was good and bad for Asena. On one hand there were no hatred groups established against the shifter race and on the other hand people are usually wary and fearful of what they do not know and are unfamiliar with. Still, Asena managed to settle outside of a the small town of [insert name here] in a small hut in the woods. She enjoyed life there for some time.

One day while gallivanting through the woods, Asena came upon a hoard of orcs pummeling down on a humanoid dressed in leathers accompanied by a lone gray wolf. The orcs were making short work of the wolf and the humanoid when suddenly, without any control, Asena became enraged with anger at the site of the hoard committing such senseless violence. Her flesh became thick, leathery, and hard, and she charged into battle without another thought, but simply scythe in hand and screaming out a ferocious roar.

Before anything was clear again, Asena found herself huffing for breath with scratches and wounds she could barely feel. Then she saw the humanoid. It was an elf. Asena expected the elf maiden to run from her presence, but instead the elf approached her with outstretched arms, and healed Asena’s wounds. Then the elf maiden thanked Asena for saving her and her wolf companion from the orcs. “There were just too many of them for us, and they came out of no where taking us by surprise,” she said. Then, she introduced herself as Elengalelle. After a short rest, during which Elengalelle and Asena discussed many things. Once the two had recovered their strength, Elengalelle asked Asena if she would be interested in learning the ways of the druid. She warned Asena that it would be difficult and that there were tests which Asena much pass, some of them quite dangerous. Asena asked Elengalelle to come to her home in the woods the next evening by which she would have made her decision.

The next evening, Elengalelle came, and Asena had decided to accept Elengalelle’s training and tutelage. So, the two carried on as Master and Apprentice for quite some time, and Elengalelle’s gray wolf gave birth to a new clan of wolves, from which Asena was allowed to choose one as her own companion. Asena named the pup, Beowolf.

After several years of training, Elengalelle informed Asena that it was time for her to make her own way in the world, and that she would need to go into society and do some good instead of hiding in the woodlands away from others as she had for so long. Elengalelle explained that the only way to prove to others that shifters were not monsters like their lycanthrope ancestors, was to prove her heroism and to do so by adventuring throughout the land with others good people and fighting against tyranny and injustice.

And so, Elengalelle left Asena to do so… and Asena did.

Asena Lupus Amicus

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