Focused Mage/Master Spec/Malconvoker/Para Apostle



STR 10(12) 0(+1)
DEX 14(16) 2(3)
CON 12 +1
INT 26(32) 8(11)
WIS 10 0
CHA 14(18) 2(4)

Physical Description and General Info

Size: Medium
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 150
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin:  Yes
Alignment: LN

HP: 61
Speed: 35
AC: 25
Fort: +14
Ref: +16
Will: +23
Base Attack: +5

Racial Abilities

30’ Movement
Bonus Feat
Favored Class: Any

Class Feats, Abilities, & Special

Skill Focus (Spellcraft)
Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration)
Specialized in Conjuration
Deceptive Summons
Unrestricted Conjuration
Planar Binding
Skill Focus (Bluff)
Fiendish Legion
Expanded Spellbook
Spell Focus (Conjuration)
Spontaneous summoning (can trade spell of same lvl for Summon Monster)
Abrupt Jaunt (Int mod x a day teleport 10’ immediate action)
Augment Summoning
Knowledge is Power (Summons get fast heal 4)
Minor School Esoterica (add master spec level to hp total of Summons)
Lore (same as Bard)


Imbued Summoning
Summon Elemental
Fiendish Summoning
Rapid Summoning
Demon Mastery
Arcane Mastery


Prohibited Schools of Magic: Illusion, Necromancy, Evocation

Ranked Skills

Bluff 36
Concentration +11
Decipher Script +19
Craft (Draw)16
Know(Arcane) +27
Know(Arch & Eng) +12
Know (Dungeon) +12
Know(Geography) +12
Know (Religion) +12
Know (Planes) +27
Intimidate +24
Diplomacy +14
Spellcraft +30


Waterskin x2
Everlasting Rations
Flint & Steel
Ink 1 vial
Ink Pen
Mirror, Small Steel
Spell Component Pouch
Symbol of Hextor
Vital Pact
Ring of Arcane Supremacy
Robe of the Archmagi
Ring of Invisibility
Braces of Arcane Freedom
Headband of Intellect 6 /Circlet of Persuasion
Cloak of Charisma
Belt of Battle
Acrobat Boots
Third eye penetrate/Mask of lies
Book of the Unspeakable One
Bag of Holding (Type I)
Pearl*3(100gp each)
Wand of Fireballs (15 charges)
Wand of Silence (17 charges)
Vial of Acid (50 gp)*6
Diamond Chip (50gp)
Vest of Free Movement
Amulet of fortune prevailing
Hellcat Gauntlets
Dusty Rose Ion Stone
12 Chains (4 worn, 8 in bag of holding)
Ink (2000 gp)
6 gems (500gp)
Armor crystal of Greater Lifekeeping
Gemjump Gem(to my chambers in our castle)

Spell Slots

  Normal Conjuration
0 5 5
1 6 9
2 6 9
3 6 9
4 4 7
5 4 7
6 3 6


0 Level

Read Magic
Mage hand

1st Level

Benign Transportation*2
Distract Assailant(swift)
Nerveskitter (Imm)
Prot. From Evil

2nd Level
See Inviso
Sap Strength
Baleful Transposition
Create Magic Tattoo *3
Gnome Blight
Earth Lock

3rd Level

Dispel Magic
Snakes Swiftness, Mass
Melf’s Unicorn Arrow
Regal Procession
Dimension Step

4th Level

Black Tentacles*2
Dancing chain
Assay Spell Resistance(swift)2

5th Level

Vitriolic Sphere*2
Arc of Lightning*2
Dimensional Shuffle
Hidden Lodge
Break Enchantment

6th Level

Summon Monster VI
Acid Storm
Tunnel Swallow
Wall of Iron
Globe of Inv.


The first memories Cyrus has is watching flames dance around him. He saw many horrors that day. He saw both man and beast killing and destroying. Armored men came through the small castle and killed at will, as the beasts wrecked havoc and ate the dead and dying. There was no escaping the slaughter. The light from the fires soothed him, the crackling of the fires comforted him. Many times the conflagration edged toward him but never reached him, as if making a choice to allow him to live. After a few days the blaze burned itself out and as an old man searched through the charred remains, he came across a 4-year-old boy, there were no other known survivors. This boy remembered nothing before the blaze, not even his name. The old man, Tovar, took pity on the boy and took him home and named him Cyrus. Tovar was a wizard of some ability. He began teaching Cyrus they magical arts. Cyrus has a strange fascination with fire, not to the level of neurosis, but odd. The boy seemed to have a knack for the art of magic and especially for spells dealing with fire. When he was 10 Cyrus accidentally burned down Tovar’s home. After this Cyrus was send away to study magic in a controlled and structured environment. In this environment he discovered he had a talent for Conjuration. During his time in this environment he apprenticed under many different wizards. On one of his first outings to the surrounding villages he witnessed a shop owner whipping a slave. Cyrus asked the shopkeeper to stop, but the shopkeeper struck Cyrus instead. Cyrus burned down his shop later that night while the man slept. No one knew it was Cyrus. As Cyrus learned more of the magical arts he found he could create a ball of fire at will, just by thought. While not unheard of in the magical community odd that one so young would have mastered this feat.

It seemed that everywhere he went something burned. That is how he got the moniker of “bringer of the burning” from the local villages. Most of the villages did not want him in their village except for Jenna. Jenna is a small farming village that had problems with raiders from a village a few miles away. The raiders would come down and force the villagers of Jenna to give them all their crops. This left Jenna’s villagers to starve through the winters, while Halcot (the other village) was living in comfort. The next planting after Cyrus heard of Jenna’s plight, he went to the fields of Halcot and lit all of them ablaze. Cyrus did not stop there, he also lit as much of the woods around the village as possible. The flames had an eerie grace as they danced, almost as if they were performing for him. The fire from this conflagration could be seen for miles. The fire eventually spread to the village, destroying it. The villagers of Halcot never returned or bothered the villagers of Jenna. He was haled as a hero in Jenna, and vilified by the remaining people of Halcot.

The local lord heard of the destruction of Halcot and the “bringer of the burning” and was irritated. He did not look kindly upon Cyrus destroying his village or burning his property. The lord imprisoned Cyrus in a stone cell underground. The court wizard allowed Cyrus to read any non-magical text that he had during that time. Cyrus read extensively on architecture, engineering, and alchemy. Tovar continuously plead for leniency for the lord. Then, after 13 months of imprisonment the local lord and his Vizier came to Cyrus’s cell and looked at his tattoo. The very next day he was released, no explanation was given. He was banished from the lord’s lands forever.

Cyrus found it odd that after looking at his tattoo the lord would release him. He asked Tovar about the tattoo and what it meant, Tover would not answer him. He swore Tovar never to inquire about the tattoo to anyone and keep it hidden at all times. Tovar and Cyrus moved to the neighboring lords land and started anew. Cyrus continued his studies of the magic arts, Tovar leant his services to the local communities. When Cyrus was 17 Tovar died. After some time Cyrus decided to wander the land learning as much as he could about the magical arts.

Cyrus has some scars from where he was improperly prudent when experimenting with fire.

While traveling with his companions, Cyrus was abducted to another plane. Here he was told about his tattoo. His family was part of a special sect that combated evil at all cost. The way they did this was to use evil against itself. Cyrus was then drained of experience and was forced to give up the gift of Fire. He was retrained in the ways of Conjuration and planer binding focusing on evil creatures. During his years of training he was exposed to many horrors and evils, so he could use them. Cyrus now follows a strict personal code that advocates the destruction of evil by any means. While Cyrus no longer worships a deity, most of his order worships “He who was”. This deity was one of peace and reconciliation. His name has been erased by those who betrayed and killed him. He was killed by a cabal of Evil deities while the good deities watched. Cyrus was returned to his companions 5 years later, but only one day had passed for the world.


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