Roderick (obsolete, probably not played)




Stat Value Modifier
Str 19 (+2) 4 (5)
Dex 15 2
Con 16 3
Int 16 3
Wis 10 0
Cha 12 1

Feats & Special Abilties

  • Combat Expertise
  • Weapon Focus – Longsword (+1 Attack)
  • Negotiator
  • Iron Will
  • Mounted Combat
  • Fighting Challenge +1
  • Knight’s Challenge
  • Knight’s Code
  • Shield Block +1
  • Bulwark of Defense
  • Armor Mastery Medium
  • Test of Mettle
  • Vigilant Defender
  • Signature Weapon
  • Power Surge


  • +1 Keen Longsword (Signature Weapon)
  • +1 Composite (+4) Longbow
    • 50 +1 Arrows


  • +1 Chainmail
  • +2 Heavy Steel Shield

Other Equipment

  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power
  • 2 Potions of Cure Serious Wounds
  • Horseshoes of Speed


  • Gerhardt (Heavy Warhorse)
    • Wears Horseshoes of Speed


Name Base Stat Ability Mod Ranks Misc Mod Total
Concentrate Con 3 11 0 14
Diplomacy Cha 1 11 2 14
Handle Animal Cha 1 10 0 11
Jump Str 5 11 0 16
Knowledge (Nobility/Royalty) Int 3 11 0 14
Ride Dex 2 11 0 13

Roderick’s Story

  • Rod to his closest friends (and he once would have added “Roddy to the soon-to-be-headless”)

Early Life

Roderick was born the second son of a minor noble. Not in line to inherit, he studied to become a knight. After a years-long stormy relationship culminated in a heated, angry argument with his father, an argument that nearly turned into a duel, he stormed out and became an itinerant wandering knight, selling his sword to whoever would hire him.

Wandering Around

He spent the next few years doing things he now finds shameful. Gold was his only interest, and even then, he only was interested in earning enough to keep him in ale and whores between paying jobs. He would fight duels at the slightest provocation, and gleefully killed many unworthy opponents.

All contact with his family was cut off. His father, himself bitter over their argument, never tried to contact him, but his brother sent him many letters. Roderick burned them all, unread, and his brother eventually quit trying.

A Life-Changing Experience

Something happened to change him. A small temple of Heironeous was facing vicious attacks by a tribe of savage orcs, and they hired Roderick. It was not a match either side expected to work well. Roderick previously viewed working for clerics with disdain, especially good clerics, finding them far too self-righteous for his personality. The priests viewed him as a brutal thug, only willing to hire him because they could find no one else.

One priest, though, took an interest in Roderick. He never explained why, but he always made sure to tell Roderick that he was in his prayers, quoted scripture and proverbs to him regularly, and even introduced him to a quiet young priestess in training at the temple.

Roderick felt himself slowly changing, though he did his best to deny it. The priest was slowly turning into a father figure to him, and for the first time in his life, he felt genuinely romantic feelings towards the young priestess. He started to learn that there was more to life, much more, than cheap ale and cheaper women.

The orcs launched a final, savage attack on the temple. Roderick took many wounds during the fighting, and the priestess rushed into heal him, only to be struck by a poisoned arrow that took her life. His grief gave him the strength to successfully lead the temple’s ultimate defense.


The experience had changes his life, and he swore to become the temple’s champion. They made him a kensai, and he now serves them gladly and willingly.


He has only served the temple for a short, but they are very pleased with him. His grief over the loss of the first woman he could have truly love has faded enough that he is considering starting a courtship, but he is so inexperienced in romance, he really has little idea how to go about it.

He’s also attempted to re-establish contact with his family, but all letters have gone unanswered.

Kensai’s Oath

As a kensai, Roderick has sworn an oath to…

  • Serve the interests of Heironeous and his temple
  • Abstain from strong drink
  • Seek only the love of women who befit an honorable warrior
  • Serve Heironeous and the temple
  • Seek

Roderick (obsolete, probably not played)

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